Trump Reacts to Target Letter Amid Jan. 6 Probe: Denounces Investigation

Trump Reacts to Target Letter

Trump Reacts to Target Letter Amid Jan. 6 Probe: Denounces Investigation

After receiving a target letter from a Washington grand jury investigating the Jan. 6 riot and 2020 election tampering, former President Donald Trump reacted strongly. Trump received a target letter from prosecutor Jack Smith of Joe Biden’s DOJ, raising concerns about possible charges and indictment.

Trump called the news “HORRIFYING” for the country and implied he would be indicted for a third time in a Truth Social statement. As Joe Biden’s main political opponent, he claimed this investigation was politically motivated.

Trump’s legal team received the letter during a Turning Point event in West Palm Beach, Florida, shocking him and his family.

A target letter means the prosecutor or grand jury has strong evidence linking the person to a crime and allows them to testify. Targets are not always indicted.

Despite Trump’s social media outrage, Fox News host Sean Hannity acknowledged the development in an interview, but Trump said the news “bothers” him and his audience. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump’s allies, called the investigation “weaponized government” and “absolute bull—-.”

Trump Reacts to Target Letter

On Jan. 6, Trump’s political opponents criticized him but did not call for charges. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Trump should have done more to stop the Capitol riot, but he opposed criminalizing him. Former Vice President Mike Pence called Trump’s Jan. 6 remarks “reckless” but hoped he wouldn’t be indicted.

Special counsel Jack Smith is investigating Trump’s White House’s classified documents and possible obstruction. Smith indicted Trump on 37 counts of handling classified documents and obstructing justice.

Trump faces charges in New York City for falsifying business records related to hush money payments during his 2016 campaign and a criminal investigation in Georgia related to the 2020 election. The former president faces several legal cases that could affect politics, despite his denials.


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