Biden Meets Herzog, Invites Netanyahu Amidst Tensions

Biden Meets Herzog

Biden Meets Herzog, Invites Netanyahu Amidst Tensions

On July 18, 2023, President Biden and Israeli President Isaac Herzog discussed important bilateral issues at the White House. The meeting was set against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform and West Bank settlement expansion plans.

Herzog’s ceremonial role allowed President Biden to reaffirm the US’s longstanding support for Israel without directly engaging with Netanyahu. The leaders haven’t met since December.

President Biden invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to the US before their Oval Office meeting. Biden supported Israel’s security but criticized its hard-right policies. Netanyahu’s White House visit is uncertain.

Israel protested President Biden’s criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s efforts to weaken the Supreme Court and overhaul the judiciary. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s West Bank settlement expansion has also concerned the U.S. leader.

President Biden, who called Netanyahu’s Cabinet “extreme” earlier this month, says the US is improving the situation. John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman, clarified that Netanyahu’s invitation does not mean the U.S. has relaxed its concerns about Israel’s judicial reforms and Cabinet extremism. The U.S. government addresses them.

President Herzog and President Biden discussed US-Israeli friendship. Herzog said the nations’ differences shouldn’t overshadow their unbreakable bond.

Herzog told President Biden that Israel’s democracy is strong, sound, and resilient despite the country’s heated debate. Despite challenges, he stressed consensus.

Biden Meets Herzog

Presidents Biden and Herzog also discussed regional issues like Iran’s defense cooperation with Russia and nuclear proliferation. They urged consensus on Israel’s judicial reform package. Both leaders pledged to fight antisemitism and cooperate on regional issues.

President Biden also reaffirmed the U.S.’s two-state solution. He said such a solution is best for Israelis and Palestinians’ freedom, prosperity, and security.

President Biden and Israeli President Herzog were scheduled to meet. After his father, Chaim Herzog, in 1987, Herzog addressed Congress.

Biden’s meeting with Herzog reaffirmed the US-Israel alliance. The meeting addressed regional issues and reaffirmed the U.S.’s commitment to Middle East peace and stability. Diplomacy and cooperation to achieve shared goals depend on the U.S.-Israel friendship as regional tensions rise.


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