Birmingham : Firefighter Dies Days After Shooting at Fire Station Mayor Confirms | CNN


Birmingham :  One of the firefighters who was shot inside a fire station in Birmingham, Alabama, has tragically passed away, leaving the community mourning the loss of a dedicated public servant. Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin confirmed the devastating news, expressing his heartache over the incident.

Remembering Jordan Melton: A Life Cut Short

Firefighter Jordan Melton, who was pronounced dead Monday evening by Birmingham Fire & Rescue, had served with the department for over a year. In a statement shared on social media, Mayor Woodfin took a moment to honor the man behind the uniform. He spoke of Melton’s vibrant personality, love for sports, and knack for business. Melton’s infectious sense of humor and his close bond with his fellow firefighters were also highlighted.


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A Targeted Attack: Unanswered Questions

Three firefighters were there when the incident occurred last Wednesday morning next to the fire station’s bay doors. Although the reason and identity of the attacker are yet unknown, authorities believe that the attack may have been targeted. Since such incidents rarely target fire stations, the Birmingham Police Department stated their alarm. A $15,000 reward has been offered for any information that results in the perpetrator’s capture.

Injured Colleague and Community Support

Firefighter Jamal Jones, who was also shot during the incident, is currently in serious condition and receiving medical treatment. The community has rallied around the wounded firefighter, offering their support and prayers during this challenging time.

Mourning a Dedicated Public Servant

Mayor Woodfin shared his grief over the loss of Jordan Melton, recognizing the impact he had as both a firefighter and as a person. Melton’s potential and bright future, cut short by the tragedy, were acknowledged by the mayor. The Birmingham Fire & Rescue department expressed their gratitude for Melton’s service and dedication in a separate statement, reflecting on his commitment to protecting the community.

Seeking Answers, Finding Unity Of Birmingham

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing as officials painstakingly try to learn what really happened. The people of Birmingham come together to memorialize a slain hero while offering one another support during this trying time. They are together in their grief and strength.

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