Johnny Bench Apologizes for “Insensitive” Comment at Reds Hall of Fame Ceremony

Johnny Bench Apologizes for "Insensitive" Comment at Reds Hall of Fame Ceremony

Johnny Bench Apologizes for “Insensitive” Comment at Reds Hall of Fame Ceremony

In a recent turn of events, baseball legend Johnny Bench issued an apology for making an “insensitive” remark during the Cincinnati Reds’ Hall of Fame ceremony. The incident occurred as the team gathered to honor the late Gabe Paul, a former team executive.

During the ceremony, Jennie Paul, Gabe’s daughter, and Pete Rose took the stage to share their thoughts and memories. Jennie highlighted how her father, who was Jewish, became a champion for minority representation in professional baseball. Pete Rose recounted a story about Gabe signing him to a deal that paid him around $400 per month.

Amidst the speeches, when Jennie made a comment about her father being “cheap,” Johnny Bench interjected with a yell, stating, “He was Jewish!” Unfortunately, Bench’s attempt at humor fell flat and drew criticism.

Recognizing the impact of his words, Bench expressed his remorse through a statement released by the Reds. He acknowledged the insensitivity of his comment and offered his apologies to Jennie for diverting attention from her father’s well-deserved recognition.

In his statement, Bench emphasized Gabe Paul‘s significant contributions to the Reds Hall of Fame, alongside other esteemed individuals who stood on that stage. He expressed regret that his inappropriate remark had overshadowed Gabe’s achievements, and he hoped that the focus would solely be on honoring Gabe’s legacy.

Johnny Bench Apologizes for "Insensitive" Comment at Reds Hall of Fame Ceremony

Jennie Paul, when approached about the incident, revealed that she had not heard Bench’s comment. She clarified that Bench approached her afterward, asking if she was offended by his words. Jennie explained that she had not even heard the remark, and had she been aware, she might have addressed it differently. She further shared that she was not Jewish herself, having been raised in the Episcopalian faith, while Gabe Paul’s parents hailed from what is now modern-day Ukraine.

The controversy surrounding Bench’s comment has sparked conversations and reactions within the baseball community. Bench’s swift apology reflects his understanding of the unintended impact of his words and his desire to rectify the situation.

As this incident unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the importance of sensitivity and awareness, particularly when speaking about topics that can be potentially sensitive or offensive. The Reds Hall of Fame ceremony, intended as a celebration of achievements, now stands as an opportunity for reflection and a call for greater cultural understanding and respect within the sporting community.


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