Hong Kong : Braces for Typhoon Talim Schools and Stock Market Closed

Hong Kong

 Hong Kong : Hong Kong, known for its bustling financial hub, has taken precautionary measures as TyphoonTalim approaches. The city has witnessed the closure of schools and the stock market in anticipation of the storm’s impact. With rainy and windy weather expected, over 100 individuals sought refuge in temporary shelters, while several government and ferry services were temporarily halted. Furthermore, various events had to be postponed, and the airport authority reported the cancellation of 16 flights.

Typhoon Talim’s Arrival

The Hong Kong Observatory raised a No. 8 typhoon signal at 12:40 am on Monday, marking the first such warning of the year. Under the city’s weather system, this signal represents the third-highest level of alert. Talim, with maximum sustained winds reaching 140 kilometers (87 miles) per hour, is projected to skirt within a distance of 300 kilometers (186 miles) to the south-southwest of Hong Kong on Monday morning.

 Hong Kong

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Regional Impact

According to China’s National Meteorological Center, Typhoon Talim is expected to make landfall in the coastal regions of neighboring Guangdong and Hainan provinces on Monday night. It will then move into the Gulf of Tonkin, making another landfall in the Guangxi region on Tuesday. The center predicts that Talim will weaken as it reaches Vietnam on Wednesday.

Precautionary Measures Of Hong Kong

In response to the approaching typhoon, the Hong Kong government received reports of 18 fallen trees. To ensure public safety, residents have been urged to stay away from shorelines and avoid engaging in water sports activities, as advised by the observatory.

As Hong Kong braces itself for the impact of Typhoon Talim, the closure of schools and the stock market demonstrates the city’s commitment to safeguarding its residents. By taking proactive measures and issuing timely warnings, authorities aim to minimize potential risks and ensure the well-being of the population.

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