US Treasury Secretary : Yellen Boosts Yunnan Restaurant and Jian Shou Qing Mushroom

US Treasury Secretary

 US Treasury Secretary : Following US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent visit to Beijing, much has been said about her efforts to repair the relationship between the United States and China. However, amidst the political discussions, one unexpected outcome emerged—Yellen managed to significantly boost business for a Yunnan restaurant chain while bringing attention to a unique mushroom known as jian shou qing.

Dining at Yi Zuo Yi Wang: A Yunnan Delight

Yellen’s delegation was spotted dining at Yi Zuo Yi Wang (In and Out) upon their arrival in Beijing. Contrary to its English name, this restaurant chain does not serve burgers but specializes in Yunnan food, a popular regional cuisine from southwestern China, bordering Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar.

Social Media Buzz and Confirmed Visit

A food blogger took notice of Yellen’s dining experience and shared details on Weibo, a popular Chinese micro-blogging site. Dishes such as grilled fish with herbs, stir-fried pickled Yunnan wild greens with potato slices, and cold rice noodles were among the selections. The post quickly gained attention, and the restaurant later confirmed the visit on their Weibo account, revealing Yellen’s preference for jian shou qing mushrooms.

Trending Topic and Culinary Curiosity

The hashtag “US Treasury Secretary Yellen’s first meal in Beijing is Yunannese” became a trending topic on social media, garnering millions of views. Netizens expressed curiosity about the restaurant choice and were impressed by Yellen’s chopstick skills. The focal point of heated discussions was the multiple orders of the mushroom dish—jian shou qing.

 US Treasury Secretary

Yellen’s Enjoyment and Culinary Diplomacy

An aide to the treasury secretary confirmed Yellen’s enjoyment of the restaurant experience, including the mushroom dish. It was revealed that Yellen appreciates exploring different restaurants while traveling and values the opportunity to meet people over a meal during her visits to various countries. This culinary diplomacy extends beyond China, as she has scheduled a lunch with Vietnamese women economists during her ongoing trip to Vietnam and India.

The Enigmatic Jian Shou Qing Mushroom

Jian shou qing, known for its blue bruising upon applying pressure, is a family of mushrooms found in Yunnan. The specific species often referred to as “Lanmaoa asiatica” resembles porcini mushrooms, both in appearance and the potential for confusion. These mushrooms are considered poisonous and potentially hallucinogenic, though the compounds responsible for the hallucinogenic effects have yet to be identified by scientists.

 US Treasury Secretary

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Yunnan Delicacy and Public Debate

Despite their reputation, jian shou qing mushrooms are cherished as a common delicacy among Yunnan locals. They are prominently featured on the menus of Yunnan restaurants throughout China, where careful preparation ensures their safe consumption. While concerns have been raised about their safety, including an updated index of Yunnan’s poisonous mushrooms, popularity has triumphed, and jian shou qing mushrooms continue to be widely available.

Jian Shou Qing in the Limelight Of US Treasury Secretary

Following Yellen’s visit, Xinhua, China’s state news agency, produced a news segment on the safe consumption of jian shou qing mushrooms. Chinese shoppers at a Yunnan wild mushroom market were interviewed, further highlighting the attention garnered by Yellen’s dining choice.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s visit to Yi Zuo Yi Wang not only boosted business for the Yunnan restaurant chain but also placed the enigmatic jian shou qing mushroom in the national limelight. Despite the controversies surrounding its safety, this unique mushroom continues to be celebrated as a delicacy among Yunnan locals and a popular dish at Yunnan restaurants across China. It is evident that Yellen’s culinary exploration during official visits adds an intriguing dimension to her diplomatic engagements.

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