Philippines Clears ‘Barbie’ Movie, Rejects China’s Nine-Dash Line

Philippines Clears 'Barbie' Movie, Rejects China's Nine-Dash Line

Philippines Clears ‘Barbie’ Movie, Rejects China’s Nine-Dash Line:

The Philippines has approved the distribution of the “Barbie” movie, rejecting requests to outlaw it because it features contentious map known as China’s “nine-dash line.”

The map in question was deemed to be “cartoonish” and to lack the controversial map element that China uses to support its claims to the South China Sea, according to the nation’s film review board.

The controversy surrounding the movie arose after promotional trailers apparently showed the China’s nine-dash line,” which is used by China to support its expansive claims in the disputed region. Vietnam had recently banned Greta Gerwig’s comedic fantasy production, which revolves around the iconic doll.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Philippines’ Movie and Television Review and Classification Board clarified that the contentious scene in the film did not depict the “nine-dash line.” The board further stated that the decision was made after two reviews of the movie, involving consultations with foreign affairs officials and legal experts.

Philippines Clears 'Barbie' Movie, Rejects China's Nine-Dash Line

According to reports, the Philippine board requested Warner Bros., the movie’s production firm, to obfuscate the contentious details in order to avoid any more misunderstandings.

Despite a 2016 judgment against China by an international tribunal in The Hague in response to a case brought by the Philippines, tensions in the South China Sea continue. Beijing has constantly disagreed with the ruling, which has caused regional conflicts to continue.

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