Netflix’s Global Domination Through Korean Drama

Netflix's Global Domination Through Korean Drama

Netflix’s Global Domination Through Korean Drama:

As Hollywood faces strikes and uncertainty, Netflix is pursuing its goal of dominating the entertainment world by focusing on one country at a time. Inspired by the success of Korean-language shows, Netflix’s South Korea team gathered to discuss a new project. However, the script faced criticism for incorporating too many fantastical and foreign elements. The executive in charge diagnosed the issue as the writer being influenced by excessive Netflix consumption.

In response, the executive suggested “Koreanizing” the show by grounding it in local realism and transforming foreign characters into Korean roles. While Hollywood remains in turmoil, Netflix aims to captivate audiences one market at a time. With the traditional television model disrupted by streaming services, overseas content has gained even more significance. As Hollywood productions have halted due to strikes, the comedies and dramas produced abroad may be among the few new offerings available.

Instead of creating content for all 190 countries where Netflix is available, the company is tailoring its shows to resonate with specific markets. Before the writers went on strike, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos expressed hope for a resolution and assured viewers that they would have options, highlighting the diverse upcoming shows and films from around the world.

Netflix's Global Domination Through Korean Drama

Netflix’s ambition is evident in its 2023 Emmy nominations, featuring a range of English-language programming alongside its efforts to expand in regions like Asia and Latin America. By allocating a significant portion of its content budget to foreign language programming and targeting international customers, Netflix aims to tap into untapped markets beyond the United States and Europe.

While Netflix recognizes the importance of catering to local audiences, it also believes that a compelling story transcends language barriers. The success of shows like “The Glory,” a revenge saga, and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” a heartwarming series about a lawyer with autism, demonstrates the global appeal of well-crafted narratives. Korean-language content has garnered significant viewership, with 60 percent of Netflix subscribers having watched a Korean show or movie in the previous year.

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