Explosive Brawl in Kosovo Parliament as Lawmaker Soaks Prime Minister in Water

Parliament as Lawmaker Soaks Prime Minister in Water

Explosive Brawl in Kosovo Parliament as Lawmaker Soaks Prime Minister in Water: In a dramatic turn of events, the Kosovo parliament descended into chaos when a member of the opposition party approached the podium where Prime Minister Albin Kurti was speaking and doused him with water. The incident occurred following a heated debate revolving around an audio recording involving a member of the ruling party and an official from the Serb-majority north, which has been a source of contention.

Prime Minister Kurti had been addressing efforts to ease tensions between the majority Albanians and the Serb-majority north, a situation that has been escalating in recent months. The opposition party has consistently criticized Kurti for his handling of the deteriorating relationship, which has strained ties with Western allies.

Video footage captured inside the parliament shows an opposition party MP throwing water at Kurti and his deputy, sparking immediate fistfights between members of the opposition and the governing coalition. Chaos ensued as lawmakers from both sides engaged in physical altercations until the police intervened.

The brawl marked the culmination of a heated three-day public debate centering around an audio recording involving the chairwoman of Kurti’s party, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, and the then-Serb lawmaker, Slavko Simic. The recording revealed Kusari-Lila’s conversation with Milan Radojcic, an individual of Serb ethnicity who is under U.S. government sanctions for involvement in organized crime and corrupt activities. Radojcic is also wanted by Kosovo authorities.

 Parliament as Lawmaker Soaks Prime Minister in Water

The controversy surrounding the audio recording arises amidst ongoing unrest in the northern region, which has intensified since ethnic Albanian mayors assumed office after April elections boycotted by the Serbs, who demand the implementation of a decade-old agreement for greater autonomy.

Kosovo’s population consists of approximately 90% ethnic Albanians and about 5% Serbs. In an effort to de-escalate tensions, Prime Minister Kurti announced on Wednesday that he had reached an agreement with the European Union to reduce police presence in the northern area and implement other measures aimed at lowering tensions.

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