Man Captured in New York City After Revoked Sentence Deal: Arrest Ends 11-Week Search

Man Captured in New York City

Man Captured in New York City After Revoked Sentence Deal: Arrest Ends 11-Week Search: After evading capture for 11 weeks search, Jeroid Price was finally apprehended in a New York City apartment following the revocation of a secret deal that significantly reduced his murder sentence. The South Carolina Supreme Court had reversed the unannounced agreement, which had shaved off 16 years from his original 35-year prison term. Acting on a tip, authorities located Price and arrested him without encountering any violence, as confirmed by the State Law Enforcement Division.

Price had been released from prison in March, thanks to a deal revoked by his defense attorney, Democratic state Rep. Todd Rutherford, and prosecutor Byron Gipson. However, the agreement was never subjected to a public hearing, and in April, the South Carolina Supreme Court voted 3-2 to overturn Price’s release. Unfortunately, he had already disappeared around the same time the court order nullifying his release was issued.

The order, signed by now-retired Circuit Judge Casey Manning, had reduced Price’s sentence by 16 years, raising concerns among the justices when they discovered the substantial reduction and the lack of public records regarding his release. The secrecy surrounding the deal, which was kept hidden even from the parents of the victim Price had killed in 2002 and the investigating deputies, further troubled the court.

The state Department of Corrections announced that Price would be transported back to South Carolina to complete the remainder of his prison sentence. Meanwhile, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office is reviewing whether Price will face charges for failing to surrender himself as ordered.

According to reports, Price’s reduced sentence was the result of his cooperation with authorities by providing information about an escaped inmate serving a life sentence, as well as protecting two prison guards from attacks. Under state law, inmates can receive sentence reductions for assisting prison officials with valuable information.

Man Captured in New York City

The parents of Carl Smalls Jr., the man whom Price had killed, expressed relief and joy upon hearing the news of Price’s arrest. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott stated that the Smalls family had already endured significant pain and did not wish for any more victims to suffer the way they had. He also criticized the criminal justice system, highlighting the wasted resources dedicated to finding Price and stating that the system had failed.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson addressed Price’s case and the potential charges he may face for eluding authorities. Wilson acknowledged that Price did not technically break out of prison but had been legally released before running away once the release order was vacated. He emphasized the need to carefully review the situation with his team before making any decisions.

The apprehension of Jeroid Price marks the end of a lengthy manhunt and brings a sense of closure to the victim’s family. The case has raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the secret deal that led to Price’s early release and highlights the importance of ensuring public accountability in the criminal justice system.

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