Kyrie Irving Joins ANTA as Chief Creative Officer, Secures Signature Shoe Deal

Kyrie Irving Joins ANTA as Chief Creative Officer

Kyrie Irving Joins ANTA as Chief Creative Officer, Secures Signature Shoe Deal: NBA star Kyrie Irving has signed a partnership deal with Chinese sportswear company ANTA, ensuring the continuation of his signature shoe line. Alongside the shoe deal, Irving will serve as Chief Creative Officer for ANTA, collaborating on a range of initiatives, including the establishment of youth camps in the United States and China. In an announcement on Twitter, Irving expressed his excitement for the partnership and his determination to inspire like-minded individuals to push boundaries in the footwear and apparel industry.

The deal represents a significant milestone for Irving, reflecting his journey and the obstacles he has overcome. This collaboration aims to make a positive impact and create a lasting legacy beyond just a shoe deal.

Under the agreement, Irving will wear ANTA’s Shock Wave 5 sneaker until the release of his first signature shoe with the brand, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. The contract between Irving and ANTA spans five years. ANTA emphasized that their partnership extends beyond signature collections, with a focus on enhancing performance, supporting athletes of all levels, and fostering an inclusive basketball culture. Notably, ANTA also sponsors NBA players Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward.

Kyrie Irving Joins ANTA as Chief Creative Officer

Prior to partnering with ANTA, Irving had a signature sneaker line with Nike. However, his contract with Nike was terminated in December following controversial comments he made about an antisemitic film. Now, as a sneaker free agent, Irving showed support for former teammate Langston Galloway’s brand, Ethics, by wearing Galloway’s lgTWO sneaker. Irving’s actions reflected his appreciation for fellow athletes-turned-entrepreneurs and his desire to contribute to the growth of player-driven brands.

During his time with Nike, Irving released seven editions of his signature shoe. He claimed that his products generated $2.6 billion in revenue for Nike over the span of seven years. The split between Irving and Nike was described as a mutual decision.

Irving’s partnership with ANTA marks an exciting chapter in his sneaker legacy, as he looks to make a meaningful impact on the industry while inspiring the next generation of athletes and creators. His journey as a basketball player and his commitment to supporting fellow players and entrepreneurs reflect his dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing change.

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