Discord’s Positive Impact: 10 New Policy Updates Ensuring Enhanced Child Safety

Discord's Positive Impact:

Discord’s Positive Impact: Empowering Child Safety Through Policy Updates: Discord has announced changes to its child safety policies, including the prohibition of AI-generated child sexual abuse material and teen dating on the platform. The decision comes in response to an NBC News investigation conducted last month, which raised concerns about child safety on Discord.

John Redgrave, Discord’s vice president of trust and safety, stated that the platform is expanding its policies to address generative artificial intelligence that can create fake content and the sexualization of children. The company will now ban AI depictions of child sexual abuse and the sexualization of children in text chats. The proliferation of AI-generated child sex images across the internet in recent months has raised alarm bells, and Discord has been a hub for communities devoted to creating generative AI images.

Discord clarified that these policy updates were not directly related to the recent report and had been in development since the last quarter of 2021. The company consulted with child safety experts during the process.

The updated policy regarding child sexual abuse material encompasses any text or media content that sexualizes children, including drawn, photorealistic, and AI-generated photorealistic depictions. Discord aims to prevent the normalization of the sexualization of children in any context by taking action against bad actors.

Discord's Positive Impact:

In addition, Discord has explicitly banned teen dating on the platform due to the significant risks it poses to young people. The company considers online dating for teens as a major vector for predators looking to exploit or groom children. Discord’s guidelines had already discouraged dating between teens, but this update strengthens the stance and emphasizes the potential harm.

Discord also mentioned the implementation of tools for parental control as part of the policy updates. The new Family Center tool allows parents and kids to opt in and receive updates about their children’s activities on the platform.

The changes in policy demonstrate Discord’s commitment to enhancing child safety and addressing the risks associated with AI-generated child sexual abuse material and teen dating on their platform.

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