Threads Surpasses 100 Million Users, Threatening Twitter’s Future: A Rival App from Meta Makes Waves

Threads Surpasses 100 Million Users, Threatening Twitter's Future

Threads Surpasses 100 Million Users, Threatening Twitter’s Future- The future of Twitter is uncertain as Meta’s rival app, Threads, surpasses 100 million users just days after its launch. This significant milestone puts Threads on track to surpass Twitter’s audience size, posing a threat to Twitter’s business. Recent data shows a noticeable decline in Twitter usage, likely due to the growing interest in Threads and a mass migration of users from Elon Musk’s platform to Mark Zuckerberg’s.

Internet traffic analysts have reported a decline in Twitter usage over the past few days, indicating the impact of Threads on Twitter’s popularity. Twitter’s struggles have been ongoing, including mismanagement, layoffs, service disruptions, and the departure of top advertisers. The launch of Threads by Meta could be the final blow to Twitter’s already fragile state.

Cloudflare and Similarweb, two internet infrastructure and web analytics firms, have observed a decline in Twitter’s traffic. The decline has accelerated in recent days, with Twitter falling in popularity rankings. This decline, coupled with the strong engagement and positive user experiences on Threads, suggests that Twitter is losing ground to its rival


Threads’ rapid growth can be attributed to Meta leveraging Instagram to attract new users and a growing dissatisfaction with Twitter among its users. The platform has gained notable figures such as Kim Kardashian and Jeff Bezos, along with banned Twitter accounts and even some US lawmakers. Meta aims to position Threads as more than just a replacement for Twitter, targeting audiences beyond Twitter’s traditional user base.

However, Threads’ approach to news and politics has sparked debates among users. While Meta emphasizes that Threads won’t prioritize news or political content, some users argue that these topics can be inherently political and influential. The rise of Threads has further fueled the longstanding feud between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, leading to threats of litigation and personal insults exchanged between them.

As Meta’s app gains momentum and Twitter faces challenges, the landscape of social media platforms continues to evolve. The competition between Threads and Twitter highlights the need for innovation and adaptability in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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