The Inspiring Journey of Furuya Yamato: Bringing Authentic Mexican Street Tacos to Tokyo

The Inspiring Journey of Furuya Yamato

The Inspiring Journey of Furuya Yamato: Furuya Yamato, the owner of Tacos 3hermanos, has taken Tokyo by storm with his mouthwatering authentic Mexican street tacos. Leaving behind his corporate advertising career, Yamato embarked on a life-changing journey to Mexico, where he immersed himself in the country’s rich culture and fell in love with its flavorful cuisine. Inspired by his experiences, he returned to Japan and set up his own taco truck, determined to share the authentic taste of Mexico with the people of Tokyo. This is the remarkable story of Furuya Yamato and his mission to bring the joy of Mexican street tacos to Japan.

A Quest for Connection and Purpose Yamato’s philosophy is rooted in the Japanese concept of “ikigai,” which emphasizes finding purpose and connecting with others. For Yamato, the true essence of connection lies in gathering around tacos, sharing a drink, and enjoying good food together. With this belief, he embarked on a journey to create authentic Mexican street tacos that would forge meaningful connections among people.

Embracing the Mexican Culture Upon arriving in Mexico, Yamato was captivated by the country’s vibrant atmosphere and unwavering passion. Although he had never tasted a taco before and spoke no Spanish, Yamato quickly adapted and established himself in Mexico City. He embraced a minimalist lifestyle, fully immersing himself in the local culture and language.

The Transformative Power of Food and Community Yamato’s love for Mexican cuisine deepened when he was asked to prepare salsa for a family event. As he mastered the art of cooking Mexican dishes, he discovered the profound impact that food and community have on the soul. The flavors of the suadero street taco he tasted left a lasting impression on him, bringing him comfort and healing during challenging times. Inspired by the concept of “kaizen,” meaning continuous improvement, Yamato constantly refined his culinary skills.

 The Inspiring Journey of Furuya Yamato

A Return to Japan and the Birth of Tacos 3hermanos After several years in Mexico, Yamato returned to Japan to care for his aging parents. However, he longed for the authentic flavors he had experienced in Mexico. Unable to find the same taste in Japan, he decided to recreate the flavors himself. Yamato hosted pop-up taco events during the pandemic, and the overwhelming positive response led him to invest in a mobile food truck, Tacos 3hermanos.

Authenticity and Connection Tacos are not a common menu item in Japan, but Yamato’s mission is to introduce the authentic flavors of Mexico to the locals. He sources the majority of his ingredients from Mexico, ensuring the utmost authenticity in his dishes. From hand-pressed tortillas to traditional toppings of diced onion and cilantro, Yamato’s commitment to authenticity shines through. The menu at Tacos 3hermanos reflects Yamato’s time in Mexico, featuring suadero, carnitas, taco de bistec, con queso, taco de pollo, and chorizo, all made with love and a deep respect for the flavors he discovered in Mexico City.

Overcoming Challenges and Spreading Love Yamato’s journey has not been without obstacles. In 2022, he was involved in an accident that flipped his taco truck on the highway. However, the unwavering support of his fans and the community fueled his determination to continue sharing his love for Mexican street tacos. Through his resilience, Yamato affirms his commitment to connecting with others and spreading love through his brand and food.

Furuya Yamato’s passion for authentic Mexican street tacos has transformed Tokyo’s culinary scene. Through his journey from Japan to Mexico and back, Yamato has created a unique dining experience that brings people together and celebrates the flavors of Mexico. With Tacos 3hermanos, he has successfully captured the essence of Mexican street food and shared it with the people of Tokyo. Yamato’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion, forging connections, and spreading love through food.

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