Sailing the Seas of Adventure: The Epic Three-Year Cruise Journey

Sailing the Seas of Adventure: The Epic Three-Year Cruise Journey


The Epic Three-Year Cruise Journey: Imagine embarking on a three-year cruise, circling the globe in search of an eternal summer. It seemed like a dream come true for travel enthusiasts when Life at Sea Cruises announced their 36-month voyage at a seemingly affordable price. However, the project faced setbacks and uncertainty when part of the team quit and passengers withdrew. But now, with a bigger ship confirmed and new ownership, the cruise is back on track, set to launch on November 1, 2023.

A Turn of Events:

Life at Sea Cruises, previously marred by internal conflicts, is now wholly owned and operated by Miray Cruises, an experienced company with a 30-year history in the Aegean. Miray, the original cruise partner, stepped in to ensure the project’s continuity. Previously, a disagreement arose between Miray and members of the former Life at Sea executive team, leading to a breakdown in relationships.

A Bigger Ship:

To breathe new life into the project, Miray Cruises introduces the MV Lara, a larger vessel compared to the initially planned MV Gemini. The MV Lara, built in 2003 and currently operating for another cruise line, offers 627 cabins with a capacity for 1,266 passengers. However, to maintain a spacious onboard experience, Miray plans to sell a maximum of 532 cabins, roughly 85% of the ship’s capacity. Each cabin will provide approximately 20 square feet more room than those on the Gemini, ensuring enhanced comfort for passengers. The cheapest cabins will be located on deck three, with some entry-level rooms on deck four.

Choosing the MV Lara:

Miray Cruises selected the MV Lara for its exceptional layout and ample public spaces. The ship boasts covered outdoor areas, an open pool deck, and a top deck for stargazing. With a focus on public spaces, the cruise aims to offer passengers a diverse range of experiences, ensuring they never feel confined to their cabins. The MV Lara features impressive restaurants, spacious bars, and an overall abundance of space, meeting the criteria set by Miray Cruises.

The Journey Continues:

Despite previous setbacks, the Three-Year Cruise is steadily gaining momentum. The ship is currently about 40% booked, with over 200 rooms sold. While some passengers canceled due to financial constraints or family obligations, new bookings have balanced out the cancellations. Miray Cruises maintains a careful pace of bookings, prioritizing passenger satisfaction over quantity.

Sailing the Seas of Adventure: The Epic Three-Year Cruise Journey

Sustainability Efforts:

In line with increasing environmental consciousness, Miray Cruises aims to make the Three-Year Cruise a relatively sustainable endeavor. The company plans to eliminate single-use plastic, launder sheets and towels on a weekly basis, and incorporate LED lighting wherever possible. These efforts reflect a commitment to reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the cruise industry’s environmental impact.

Challenges and Resilience:

The project’s previous upheaval has led to the departure of some passengers who had concerns about the changes. However, those who remain have formed a strong bond and are excited about their upcoming adventure. The Miray executive team has handled the situation impressively, addressing concerns and implementing necessary improvements. The cruise has attracted a diverse group of travelers, with couples and singles ranging in age from 30-somethings to 80-somethings.

Looking Ahead:

As the launch date approaches, Miray Cruises is putting final preparations in place. The company will take possession of the MV Lara in late September, commencing a two-week dry dock period in Germany for necessary refurbishments. During the cruise, further enhancements and adjustments will be made, taking advantage of the ship’s voyage back to Istanbul.

Conclusion of The Epic Three-Year Cruise Journey:

The Three-Year Cruise, now with a bigger ship and renewed enthusiasm, is set to embark on a grand adventure across the globe. Miray Cruises has reinvigorated the project, ensuring an enhanced onboard experience for passengers. With a focus on sustainability and passenger satisfaction, this extraordinary journey promises to be an unforgettable experience for those who remain committed to the dream of exploring the world from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship.

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