New Jersey Judge Faces Investigation Over Controversial TikTok Videos

Judge Gary N. Wilcox of New Jersey is under scrutiny after it was revealed that he posted TikTok videos using a pseudonym. The videos, some of which featured him in judicial robes and one recorded from bed, included explicit content and references to violence, sex, and misogyny. The court system has filed a complaint against Judge Wilcox, accusing him of failing to uphold the high standards of conduct expected of judges.

The case, likely to involve free speech arguments, comes in the wake of a significant New Jersey Supreme Court decision regarding privacy protections on social media. Judge Wilcox, a Superior Court judge presiding over criminal cases, has been practicing law for over three decades and will now face a hearing that could result in disciplinary actions ranging from a reprimand to dismissal from the bench.

According to the complaint, Judge Wilcox used the alias “Sal Tortorella” to post approximately 40 publicly available TikTok videos from 2021 to March 2023. The judicial conduct committee deemed eleven of these videos inappropriate due to their explicit content, including profanity, sexual references, and racist terms. The complaint highlighted specific videos where Judge Wilcox can be seen wearing a “Beavis and Butt-Head” T-shirt in a courthouse and mouthing explicit lyrics about a criminal case and a courtroom shooting. Another video recorded in a judge’s chambers showed him lip-syncing lyrics while using vulgar language.

New Jersey Judge Faces Investigation Over Controversial TikTok Videos

While Judge Wilcox’s lawyer stated that there was no intention to cause harm, the complaint argues that his actions exhibited poor judgment and disrespect for the judiciary. The case will raise important questions about free speech and the boundaries of judicial conduct. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, though not directly involved in the case, will closely monitor the proceedings, emphasizing the significance of free speech and expression in relation to the stature of the judiciary.

The investigation into Judge Wilcox comes at a time when New Jersey’s Superior Court faces numerous judicial vacancies, leading to the suspension of civil and matrimonial trials in several counties. Lawmakers have stressed the importance of diversity on the bench, and the recent confirmation of the first former public defender to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court reflects efforts to achieve representation from various backgrounds. As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how Judge Wilcox’s actions will be evaluated and whether they will have broader implications for the boundaries of judicial conduct and the protection of free speech.


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