Boosting Diversity in Wildland Firefighting: US Forest Service and HBCU Partnership

Boosting Diversity in Wildland Firefighting

Boosting Diversity in Wildland Firefighting

Boosting Diversity in Wildland Firefighting: The partnership between the US Forest Service and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) takes center stage as they collaborate to enhance diversity in the field of wildland firefighting. The piece highlights the transformative experiences of students like Taylor Mohead, a recent graduate from Tuskegee University, who never envisioned herself fighting forest fires before joining the program. Through an apprenticeship program and a prescribed burn demonstration, these students gain valuable skills and credentials to actively contribute to firefighting efforts.

With the increasing wildfire risks driven by climate change, the need to address the underrepresentation of minorities in forestry and firefighting becomes crucial. The consortium, consisting of Florida A&M University, Southern University in Louisiana, Tuskegee University, and Alabama A&M University, aims to recruit and empower students from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in natural resources, forestry, ecology, agriculture, and firefighting.

The article also recognizes the longstanding collaboration between Alabama A&M and the Forest Service, which has resulted in the training of a significant number of Black foresters in the agency. While diversity among wildland firefighters has seen improvement over the past decade, with a 20% increase in diversity, challenges remain in recruiting and retaining applicants of color due to limited awareness and misconceptions about the field

To address these challenges, the Forest Service and HBCUs provide mentorships, scholarships, and internships to support students throughout their academic journey. The personal accounts of students like Bradley Massey highlight the transformative impact of the program, providing them with passion, experience, and opportunities for growth. As wildfires intensify due to climate change, the need for a diverse firefighting workforce becomes increasingly apparent, fostering an inclusive profession that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds.

“Boosting Diversity in Wildland Firefighting” sheds light on the efforts to bridge the diversity gap in wildland firefighting and emphasizes the importance of representation and support in creating a more inclusive and resilient firefighting community.


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